Benoit Cortet is a French-born portrait photographer living in the US. He was 7 years old when he was given a Kodak camera and hasn't stopped taking pictures since. His first exhibit was in an art gallery in Dijon,France at the age of 19.

He moved to New York City in December 1983, interning in a photo studio without pay, and supporting himself working nights as a waiter for several years. After two years assisting in a still life studio he began working freelance in fashion, portrait and corporate photography. In 1989, he took a job working with Annie Leibovitz, first as a photography assistant and then as her Producer/Studio Manager. This was a demanding experience that provided Benoit's deepest insight and highest standards into photography to date, and inspired him to pursue his own work-

Since 1996, he has developed his art in many different ways, working for private clients as well as for major companies and personal projects. His work has been published in leading US magazines: Smart Money, Parenting, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, Parents, Family Life, Runnels World, Working Women, New Jersey Monthly, New Jersey Life, Self, Glamour, Princeton Magazine, Rutgers University...and European magazines.

He also photographed National Portrait Campaigns in Europe and the United States for Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, Philips, Guardian, ITT, Sun National Bank, Plan Creatif Paris among others. Benoit is married to stylist Helen Crowther and they live in New Jersey with their three sons.

"The pictures speak to me," said Benoit, "they make me think of the joy of a moment, the sadness of a lost friend, the intensity of a still canyon, the power of a horse, the future of a child. Through my images I am able to remember; to relive those moments." el will always remember the sounds."